Connecting eRVin to your RV

This post is for those of you that have received a plug and play eRVin system. If you are building your own eRVin system come back here once you have assembled the hardware and installed an Image file. This tutorial assumes you have an existing wifi network aboard your RV, preferably with full time internet access.

Step 1 – connect your eRVin system to the RV-C network on your RV. The easiest and most accessible place to do this is on the front of a Firefly panel. You may have more than one Firefly panel, choose one that is in a well protected and easily accessible area. If you have just one Firefly panel it is usually located in the bathroom. Simply plug the black 4 pin plug from eRVin into the Net Port on the Firefly panel. The connector is keyed with a locking tab so there is only one way to plug it in. Click here for a video of the procedure.
There are other hidden places to plug in this system that vary by RV brand, model and floorplan which are discussed in another post.
Step 2 – After plugging in, the red LED on eRVin will light up solid and the green LED will flicker. Wait about 3-5 minutes for the system to boot up. Your wifi info has already been pre-loaded and eRVin via the wpa_supplicant.conf file and will connect to your network automatically. If you built your own system, or your wifi info was not pre-loaded, or does not work for some reason, please see this post for how to change it.
Step 3 – Now you need to find your eRVin’s IP address on your local wifi network. There are many ways to do this, but if you don’t know how I recommend using the Fing App. Download the app to a device on the same wifi network as eRVin and run it, then do a scan of your network. The device you are looking for will sometimes show up as “Phillips hue” (because of the Amazon Alexa interface) and sometimes as a “Raspberry Pi”. It will look something like the highlighted item in the Fing screen capture below. Make note of the IP address. For example my eRVin’s IP address shown in the screen capture is, yours will be different.
Step 4 – Now you can connect to eRVin and start controlling your RV!
You can connect to eRVin from any device that has a web browser – any laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. It can be a Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS device, or even something else as long as it has a web browser compliant with modern standards. You can even connect to eRVin from multiple devices at the same time! My preferred device is my smartphone (Samsung Android) using the Chrome browser, so the screenshots that follow will reflect that, your screens may look different.

To connect to eRVin, make sure your device is connected to the same wifi network as eRVin. Then, in your device browser simply enter the IP address for your eRVin (as discovered in the previous step), appending the additional characters :1880/ui as shown below, obviously replacing my IP address with yours, then hit enter:


Step 5 – You should get a screen that looks something like the image below. Again, this is the screen on my phone, the screen will look different for you depending on the screen size of your device.



Now, ideally you want to turn this web page into a quickly accessible “app” by making a shortcut of it. This will make it super easy to access eRVin by creating a dedicated icon that will take you directly to eRVin with just one tap. From Android this is very easy to do and I believe the process is similar for IOS.

For Android Chrome, tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner, this will bring up a list of options, as shown below look for Add to Home Screen or something similar and select it.



This will create an icon shortcut on the Home screen or desktop that will take you directly to eRVin, there is no need to open the browser and type the URL or select a bookmark.



That’s it! Do the same process to create shortcuts for your other devices as desired and enjoy!

Now that your eRVin is up and running, please watch the short video below which discusses the proper power shutdown procedure.


UPDATE 2021-02-17: eRVin OS v0.5 has been released! This version provides a mechanism for downloading and installing “configuration files” for specific RV Year/Brand/Model/Floorplan direct from the eRVin app.

Next you will want to review this post to install a compatible configuration file.


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