Category: Hardware Mods

Adding GPS to your eRVin System

  Adding a GPS Receiver to eRVin Adding a GPS receiver to eRVin is very straightforward, especially for eRVin version 0.3 and newer, all you need do is plug a USB GPS receiver into one of the eRVin USB ports!   So why does eRVin need a GPS? eRVin is an automation system, the more things it knows, like location, the more useful the things it can do. Here are some ideas: Set specific lightsLearn More

Add SeeLevel Tank Status to eRVin

Already have a Garnet SeeLevel system aboard your rig? If you are using eRVin it’s a fairly simple matter to add tank level status for the Fresh, Gray and Black tanks to the eRVin dashboard. This requires replacing your current SeeLevel monitor panel with an RV-C version. The existing SeeLevel sensors and wiring remain as is so it’s a fairly straightforward swap. Cost is about $210 all in. The new monitor also comes with aLearn More

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