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Tutorial: Updating an OS File & Importing a New Flow

This Tutorial walks thru an example of modifying the Shades in eRVin for a previously unsupported RV. In this case the example is for a 2014 Born Free. There are two parts to the modification: PART 1 – installing a new version of the script in the eRVin OS that matches the hardware shade controller configuration on the RV. PART 2 – installing a new version of the Node-Red Shades flow to match theLearn More

Tutorial – How To Change Lighting Instances in eRVin

For eRVin (and CoachProxy) users trying to adapt a non-supported coach, one of the most common questions is “how do I do some basic modifications so things will work on my coach”? This tutorial will describe how to modify the lighting configuration in Node-Red, which should provide a good intro to working with Node-Red, as well as to get your lighting working. About Instances: All lights in an RV-C equipped RV use the same RV-CLearn More

Controlling Lights from an eRVin Terminal Window

This post is for those of you that are eager to explore the inner workings of coachproxy/eRVin. And potentially for those of you that have a coach for which an eRVin configuration does not already exist and you need to create a ‘map’ of what commands are required to control individual lights. A prerequisite to this post is that you have access to your eRVin Raspberry Pi (RPi) desktop, learn how to do that here.Learn More

eRVinOS Image v0.5x vs. v0.6x

Summary: At this time there are two primary image versions, v0.5x and 0.6x. Bottom line, v0.6x and above has a new and superior Alexa integration, but requires some end user configuration, whereas v0.5x does not require end user configuration, but in all probability the Alexa integration will not work due to ongoing changes in the Amazon infrastructure. Technical Details: Both versions are based on the original CoachProxy, but in both versions the eRVinOS has beenLearn More

How to Install Dataplicity for Remote Access to eRVin

This post describes how to install Dataplicity remote access for your eRVin system. Note: CoachProxy users may also use this procedure, just think CoachProxy wherever you see eRVin written in the procedures below.    What is Dataplicity? Dataplicity is a service that will allow you to use eRVin from anywhere you have internet access. I have found it to be efficient, fast, reliable and best of all it’s free for private use! In fact itLearn More

Downloading and Installing eRVin Configuration Files

Now that you have the eRVin hardware built, the image installed and have it connected to your RV, the first thing you will want to do is download and install the proper configuration for your RV. eRVin OS v0.5 or later adds the ability for you to easily download and install new or updated configuration files via a simple tap or click operation from the eRVin “app” (aka “dashboard”). No complicated computer knowledge needed! A fewLearn More

Accessing Node-Red Flows

Accessing and using Node-Red may be needed to complete many possible tasks to customize eRVin for your RV. Tasks such as configuring Virtual Smart Home Alexa Account integration (eRVinOS v0.6x and above), or customizing the lighting buttons to match the configuration of your specific RV, or updating a particular “flow” with a new version. Don’t worry, it’s a graphical point and click environment and easy to work with. This post describes how to connect toLearn More

Accessing the eRVin Raspberry Pi Desktop

eRVin runs on a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. In some instances it is useful to connect directly to the Raspberry Pi (RPi) to accomplish specific tasks, for instance installing a new program or doing some updates. Sometimes it is just a desire to explore what is happening behind the scenes. If you have no interest in those sort of things this post isn’t for you, otherwise read on for detailed instructions on how to get aLearn More

All About Scenes

What’s a Scene? Scenes are groups of actions that can be triggered with a single button press or voice command. Also known as “Routines” (Alexa) or “Macros” and perhaps by other names. This post describes the Scene making tools available in eRVin and the basics of how to use them. Note: This site is a work in progress, links highlighted like this are place markers for posts that have not been written yet. Please checkLearn More

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