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How to Build the eRVin Hardware

As described on the home page of this site, eRVin is a micro-controller that interfaces to an RV-C based Firefly RV control system that is present on many late model RV’s. eRVin provides the ability to remotely (from anywhere there is internet) control the RV systems via an “app” or web page, and also adds additional support for devices like the Amazon Echo (Alexa) to enable voice control of lights and other subsystems. This postLearn More

How to Connect Devices to the RV-C Network

The diagram below outlines the basic RV-C network layout. The Firefly Gx panel has a 12 volt power supply feed and this is where the switching and dimming takes place for the lights (or other devices) as shown to the left of the diagram. The right of the diagram shows the RV-C network. The blue line is the main Trunk, note the ‘T’ at each end of the trunk indicating a 120 ohm termination resistor.Learn More

Working with 3M Mini-Clamp Connectors

This post describes how to prepare wire and crimp the 3M Mini-Clamp connectors to it. Tools needed are a pair of slip joint or channel lock style pliers, wire cutters (or sharp scissors) and a wire stripper or utility knife. Mini-Clamp II Series 371 Plugs part # 3M 37104-A165-00E. These are the connectors Firefly/Spyder uses for all of their drop cable connections. Easily crimps with a pair of pliers. Available from many sources including Firefly IntegrationsLearn More

Installing gpsd Alternate Method w/o Enabling IPv6

This is an alternate method to install gpsd daemon on a Raspberry Pi running CoachProxy or eRVin version 0.2 and older. eRVin version 0.3 and newer already has the gpsd daemon installed. This method allows the dependency error to occur during installation, describes a fix, then allows the install to complete. This method was how I originally resolved the problem and is just here for reference. The newer install method fixes the dependency issue (whichLearn More

Adding GPS to your eRVin System

  Adding a GPS Receiver to eRVin Adding a GPS receiver to eRVin is very straightforward, especially for eRVin version 0.3 and newer, all you need do is plug a USB GPS receiver into one of the eRVin USB ports!   So why does eRVin need a GPS? eRVin is an automation system, the more things it knows, like location, the more useful the things it can do. Here are some ideas: Set specific lightsLearn More

Installing an eRVin Software Image

An eRVin image is a data file that contains all the necessary operational software for your eRVin hardware allowing it to control your RV. This post describes how to download an image and flash it to a micro SD card. The flashing process is very simple and takes just a few minutes. Once the image is flashed to the micro SD card and the WiFi info configured, it can simply be inserted in your eRVinLearn More

Connecting eRVin to your RV

This post is for those of you that have received a plug and play eRVin system. If you are building your own eRVin system come back here once you have assembled the hardware and installed an Image file. This tutorial assumes you have an existing wifi network aboard your RV, preferably with full time internet access. Step 1 Рconnect your eRVin system to the RV-C network on your RV. The easiest and most accessible placeLearn More

Accessing the eRVin Raspberry Pi Desktop

eRVin runs on a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. In some instances it is useful to connect directly to the Raspberry Pi (RPi) to accomplish specific tasks, for instance installing a new program or doing some updates. Sometimes it is just a desire to explore what is happening behind the scenes. If you have no interest in those sort of things this post isn’t for you, otherwise read on for detailed instructions on how to get aLearn More

Add SeeLevel Tank Status to eRVin

Already have a Garnet SeeLevel system aboard your rig? If you are using eRVin it’s a fairly simple matter to add tank level status for the Fresh, Gray and Black tanks to the eRVin dashboard. This requires replacing your current SeeLevel monitor panel with an RV-C version. The existing SeeLevel sensors and wiring remain as is so it’s a fairly straightforward swap. Cost is about $210 all in. The new monitor also comes with aLearn More

Adding Aquahot Control to eRVin

Controlling your Aquahot with eRVin can be fairly easily accomplished with some minor wiring additions using unused channels on your Firefly G5/G6 panel. While some of the photos of the wiring may look complex, don’t let that throw you, this is actually a fairly simple project. Note: This site is a work in progress, links highlighted like this are place markers for posts that have not been written yet. Please check back later. Concept: TheLearn More

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